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I’m here to help you show up with STYLE and build a memorable Advertise, Brand Identity, Custom illustration that your clients will absolutely fall in love with. I create Digital Illustrations that tell the story of your brand from an artistic point of view and I can help you use these illustrations in the best possible way.

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I help you and your brand show up with style

Custom&Marketing illustration

Do you have a fashion clothes brand, a flower boutique, a hairdress store, a bar or restaurant? Even if you are a new brand or established brand I can help you with custom illustrations that can be used in websites, as social media post, gift cards, or any other type of advertising. I illustrate combining fashion illustration with customer products.

Brand identity

From illustration to complete branding identity design I am here to help you to stand out from the crowd creating a catch eye brand identity and packaging for your products. I can also illustrate your products offering an attractive design that will remain in the mind of your customers.

I love creating pretty illustrations that are inspired by beautiful things

Hi, my name is Edona Misiri and as a digital fashion artist I follow design projects  all around the world, creating forms of artistic collaboration and multiple business partnerships with different brands.  I’m working with clothing brands, fashion designers, makeup and beauty brands, publishers, stylists, private customers and others who commission me digital illustrations and design projects for production, business & marketing.

Why illustration and design is more important than ever?

Illustration allows storytellers to be truly expressive. This creative and adaptable medium works well commercially today, because images can be manufactured to mimic the existing visual style of a brand. The diversity and endless possibilities of illustration opens minds and sparks imaginations. It is proven that a brand that has a  trendy and attractive design has more sales and gains more customers.

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Fashion in all dimensions

Fashion In All Dimensions is a guide book that offers in each chapter the art of living fully fashion and explains how to include style in every part of your life.






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