Fashion in all dimensions

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A guide for you who love to always be fashionable and to get to the top of a fashionable lifestyle. To you who like fashion but have not found yet the right path to arrive in a life full of Vogue. To you who do not perceive fashion and you think it is just a world of appearance, maybe this guide book will show you this famous world of fashion in another context.
Enjoy it! With love, Edona.

PS: I’ll appreciate your review, it helps me to grow!



26 reviews for Fashion in all dimensions

  1. Janey (verified owner)

    Im glad to be the first to rate this book. WOW. The best fashion tips ever. It cover everything and visually is very beautiful.

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  2. Mdm Lee (verified owner)

    Arrived 2 days earlier. The book cover is beautiful and so is the content.

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  3. Artze Katie (verified owner)

    Love love love this book. Inside out!

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  4. Allison (verified owner)

    I bought this book since I follow the artist on social media and I got very curious. The book is well done but short. I would prefer more details.

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  5. Katrine (verified owner)

    Such an amazing buy!! It’s so much better than I thought it was gonna be. So many fashion tips! Definitely recommend! Plus it makes a cool decorative piece!

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  6. Helga (verified owner)

    This is an excellent book that provides comprehensive fashion tips placing in a social and cultural context. A great resource for anyone interested in fashion and is also a wonderful coffee table book. The book is also great value for money and was delivered in good conditions earlier than expected. So happy on all fronts!

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  7. Ash (verified owner)

    Very interesting. First time I read anything about fashion and I enjoyed it a lot.

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  8. JuliaC (verified owner)

    It is loaded with information and gives such a great view of fashion. It is really well laid out.

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  9. Linda Turnbow (verified owner)

    I bought it for the cool cover and it looks great on my coffee table. I doubt it is a very useful reference book.

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  10. Victoria P (verified owner)

    Interesting book. Wonderful read. Worth the money.

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  11. Lydia Moore (verified owner)

    Cover is just amazing. I love it!

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  12. Mandy (verified owner)

    That’s really the book i wanted. The only problem is that is too short.

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  13. Carla (verified owner)

    It was a bit less informative than I had hoped, but still interesting and helpful.

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  14. Lisie (verified owner)

    This book has literally changed the way I shop, dress and feel about fashion for the better!

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  15. Meg (verified owner)

    Already read this front to back twice since getting it just a few days ago. Super impressed with it, very helpful.

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  16. Trisha (verified owner)

    Brilliant fashion guide!

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  17. Valerie (verified owner)

    I love the author fashion sketches and I decided to purchase this book. It cames earlier than I expected. I really like the cover, actually I put it in the first row in my book library. Then has great tips and well written.

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  18. Sandra (verified owner)

    I bought it for my sister as a Christmas gift. She enjoys it.

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  19. Christine (verified owner)

    Good book, good info but no pictures. That’s the down side.

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  20. Denisse (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this book so much.

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  21. Caron (verified owner)

    Lots of useful takeaways to apply to how you dress. Highly recommended.

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  22. Eva (verified owner)

    What a great book. So many useful tips and ideas. This is a book for all age groups. Thank you Edona Misiri!

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  23. J.W (verified owner)

    Good quality and nice looking

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  24. S.Olson (verified owner)

    I’ve been a fan of Edona and a member of her social media for years and I am so grateful that the internet led me to her. This book is filled with advice to help you look and feel your best everyday. She made me realize that when I look good – I feel good and then I do good in the world as a result. Thank you!

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  25. Y.Lauren (verified owner)

    If you ever find your self standing in front of a closet full of clothes and not knowing what to put on this book would benefit you greatly.

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  26. Noem (verified owner)

    I appreciate all of the fashion advice that this book offers. It is very helpful solving the dilemma that I have experienced with getting dressed each day in a stylish way and not only but also decorating house etc.

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